Writing update 

Two poetry events this week: Monday at the Troubadour to celebrate 21 years of Coffee house poetry run by the indefatigable Anne-Marie Fyfe. A wonderful evening of new poets, and four poets who read in the first year. Including my wonderful tutor Mimi Khalvati, as charming as ever. Great to hear her reading her own work. And Maura Dooley- exquisite, lyrical poems.
Wednesday at Kings Place for a reading and discussion about the American poets Robert Lowell and Marianne Moore: mental health and eccentricity. And constant revision. Suzy Orbach gave her take on this ‘revisioning’ as related to the process of psychotherapy. Fascinating.

As for my own writing: lots of free-writing around swimming and floods. And going swimming myself – exercise as well as research! All very rambly but some kind of story is rising up from the depths…
Reading: ‘Manhattan Beach’ by Jennifer Egan; ‘The Silvering’ by Maura Dooley
Googling: New York

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