Siberian tiger tracking… the preparations

What an amazing opportunity!

Polly Clark

Two weeks today I will be airborne on my way to Moscow, then Khabarovsk, then deep into the taiga of the Far East… a long journey undertaken in order to track the majestic Siberian tiger.

A small group of us, along with a guide, translator and cook will spend our days in temperatures of up to -30C, snow up to six feet deep, with the occasional blizzard, learning to read the signs of ‘The White Book’. These are the marks, tracks and other traces of the elusive kings of the forest, and their prey. When we find somewhere they are likely to be, we set camera traps in hope of capturing them on film.

I am also making sound recordings of the trip and the experience (hence picture of me with headphones and ‘dead kitten’)…

IMG_1384 2 This is what £2k of specialist kit looks like… and I STILL haven’t got the…

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