A year of reading (mostly) women

Ordinary PeoplePainter to the KingBad DreamsMr LovermanThe Distal PointInside the WaveFriday BlackGhost Wall by Sarah MossWays to Hide in WinterThe Water Cure

My plan in January 2018 was to read mainly books by women – to make up for all the years of reading the male cannon – with the exception of books by male writers 1. in translation, 2. of colour and 3. for research. (I also allowed myself to read two by Julian Barnes just because…)

And I’m pleased to say it’s been a huge success. Of the 70 books I’ve read, 60 have been by women and at no point have I felt I’m missing out in any way. I’ve read some brilliant, nuanced and imaginative work – fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Now for the new year…

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