Writing update: One Scheme of Happiness

cover image AmazonOne week tomorrow my debut novel will be published. It’s been a long wait, but finally the day is nearly here – Thursday February 27th. I can’t believe how great an experience it has been with Retreat West Books who’ve supported me all the way from first meeting to discuss the book through the whole editing process to choosing the cover and promoting the novel via social media.

Some initial reviews have already come back and I’m happy to say they’re very positive.  It’s odd enough knowing friends and family are reading your work … What I hadn’t expected was how unnerving it is to let your novel loose into the world for strangers to read. But that makes enthusiastic comments even more welcome! Here are a couple…

Emma Rowson @rowsonemma1 :

Manipulation seeps from every pore of this novel, its domestic, small Northern town backdrop featuring the ever-present lighthouse, a veneer of normality against a complicated woman and her scheme to recapture the happiness she feels she is owed. An exceptionally beautifully written book – One Scheme of Happiness is without doubt an early contender for my Top Reads of 2020.

Amanda Huggins @troutiemcfish :

The novel explores what happens when someone will do almost anything to get the thing they think they want. What appears to be a straightforward love triangle turns out to be something much more complex and much less predictable – no one is who they first appear to be – and Helen’s life spins out of control as she begins to self-destruct.

One Scheme of Happiness draws you in from the start and doesn’t let you go. A confident and accomplished debut.

Thank you so much for such great reviews!



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