What a debut!

From the Waterstones website… I’m thrilled with this review of my novel. Thank you, Paul!

Paperback edition    by Paul Barry

Ali Thurm writes with delicate skill and mischievous wit to create a tale coloured with both the light and the shadow of passionate obsession. I found myself quickly sucked into the manoeuvrings of her gently drawn characters as Helen’s attempts to understand and reimagine her childhood relationships with Vicky and Sam unfold. The characters reunite at a time when Helen’s life is changing course, but the echoes of the past confuse and confound the opportunities she faces. These people are full, flawed, and human. They are presented with a subtlety of shading that invites you to love or loathe them in their desperation to create their own versions of a tolerable reality. That desperation is sometimes painful, often unsettling to follow. The secrets and deceits with which Ali Thurm teases her readers underline the struggle to live beyond the limitations of one’s past experiences. I loved this book. I heartily recommend it. More please Ali Thurm.

The lighthouse, Withernsea

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