Let’s start again

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A quick update… I can’t believe I actually finished redrafting my second novel, Jacob’s Ladder in March 2017. Five years ago. And it’s still sitting waiting patiently to go out into the world.

But of course since then I’ve finished a third novel: The River Brings The Sea and in 2020 published my debut, One Scheme Of Happiness with the indie publisher Retreat West. So I’ve not been lazing around! I’m in the process of finding a new agent with TRBTS and so far have a couple of agents who’ve asked to see the whole novel. Fingers crossed that one will like it enough to take me on.

It’s a nerve-wracking process, so the perfect time to go back to Jacob’s Ladder. With loads of editing experience, as well as life experience (moving house, divorce and a pandemic), I feel I’m in a much stronger position to look at the story with fresh eyes. I’ve just been given a load of old paper so I’m going to print off the whole novel and read it… Then the editing will start. Wish me luck!

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