Reading & Writing

Some of the books I’ve been reading this year so far. Quite a mixture. Bernadine Evaristo to inspire me as a writer. Marian Keyes to make me laugh and to show me how to manage a complicated interlinked set of family characters. Matt Haig to offer comfort – it really does work, especially at those many moments of self-doubt and low mood. And Jessica Au’s gentle, thoughtful novella to make me think, and to feel the fragility and beauty of relationships and life.

I’ve also signed up to George Saunders Story Club which is a weekly (or so) newsletter examining short stories as a writer. I love his sense of humour and wisdom. He describes the process of reading as a kind of topping up of your silo of ideas/techniques etc. You may not use them immediately but if you always read as a writer it will all come into its own at some point when you need it in your own creative process.

And it will only happen if you READ and WRITE!

Images of Jessica Au – The Guardian

Other images – Amazon. uk

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